Minuteman Scholarship Rules New Limits and Suspenses

Ambassadors have added an exciting new element to this program that invigorated the ROTC program with Army Reserve Candidates this past year. Cadet Command has changed the program from the free wheeling we experienced before anyone knew the power we as Ambassadors had. The following is a basic review of the new suspense’s and allotments. More will follow on this once we get the management organized. Hopefully we will be able to utilize all our ambassador allotments. We can share. I already used my two four-year scholarships and was queried yesterday regarding a three year scholarship for a college graduate who is interested in going back for nursing courses in order to earn a BSN. Am not sure how that will work with the ROTC program but nurses are in great demand (one of my nominees is for a BSN (a nursing degree)).

Protected nomination window for the Minuteman is 15 JAN thru 15 JUN

ARNG TAG: 6 per State (324) 2 nominations for 4YR and 4 for 3YR or less

USAR MSC: 4 per MSC (120) 2 nominations for 4YR and 2 for 3YR or less

CASA’s: 2 nominations for 4YR and 2 nominations for 3YR or less

Ambassadors: 2 nominations for 4YR and 2 nominations for 3YR or less

16 JUN starts “Open Season”

All unused TAG and MSC allocations will be centralized at USACC and ANY State or MSC may nominate from OML/Board rankings
CASA and ARA nominations are respectfully reserved nominations
Open Season nominations will be on a first come-first served basis when received at RMID until all scholarships are exhausted

All scholarship packets MUST be to USACC by 15 AUG for Fall benefits to begin.

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